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Lately 的中文翻譯
lately (ad.)最近,不久前 lately /l’etli/ 共發現 7 筆關於 [Lately] 的資料 (解釋內文之英文單字均可再點入查詢) 來源(1): pydict data [pydict] lately (ad.)最近,不久前 來源(2): The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide] Lately \Late”ly\, adv. Not long ago; recently; as, he has lately arrived from Italy.
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Use recently in a sentence
A very excellent edition of the twentyseven canonical books has been recently printed there, and there exist in our European libraries a number of Pali MSS. 0 Thirdly, there can be no doubt that the Christians had recently assumed a much bolder attitude, and thus segregated themselves from the mass of those unorthodox sects which the Roman could afford to despise.
下水, 汽艇, 發射, 發行, 投放市場 使(船)下水, 擲(標槍等), 發射(導彈,火箭等), 開辦, 發動, 發起 起飛, 下水, 投入, 開始 以下字典由 提供: ‧簡明英漢詞典 ‧現代英漢綜合大辭典 ‧簡明漢英詞典 ‧高級漢語詞典 ‧英漢雙解電腦詞典
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mood中文:心情…,點擊查查權威綫上辭典詳細解釋mood的中文翻譯,mood的發音,音標,用法和例句等。n. 1.【邏,樂】論式,調式(= mode)。2.【語言學】語氣。”be in the mood” 中文翻譯 : 想要做某事 “in no mood” 中文翻譯 : 沒有心情做… “in the mood
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